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RevLock Race Supplies offers products that are specifically designed for any sort racing and off road vehicles. RevLock Race Supplies is rooted in desert racing. Prepping any race vehicle for the abuse it takes can not be done properly without a product that will last. RevLock will not be effected by harsh conditions and it will not lose its effectiveness due to vibration, oil saturation or any non direct heat source. 

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  • Paint Marker Red Blue Orange Green

    Paint Marker

    Whether you off road for fun or for competion, safety is paramount. Make sure to mark your bolts with RevLock Race Supplies paint markers after tightening your nuts and bolts to torque specs. Nuts and bolts tend to rattle, shake, and spin, make sure you...

  • 188 High Strength Threadlocker

    188 High Strength Threadlocker

    188 blue threadlock does an oustanding job on aluminium parts such as hubs, engine blocks, shocks, etc. It has a high range temperature of 250 degrees fahrenheit and a low range temperature of -62 degrees fahrenheit. RevLock Race Supplies 188...

  • 131 High Strength Threadlocker

    131 High Strength Threadlocker

    131 red threadlock can be used on most materials to keep your hardware tight and to prevent nut failure due to heat and vibration. RevLock Race Supplies does not recommend using 131 red threadlock on any aluminium applications.    AMERICAN...

  • Copper Antiseize Lubricant

    Copper Antiseize Lubricant

    Revlock Race Supplies copper antiseize is ideal for extreme temperatures that reach over 15,000 degrees fahrenheit.   Antiseize prevents seizing, galling, pitting, excessive wear, and corrosion. It is resistant to harsh chemical environments...

4 of 4 Items